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The Affordable Care Act has profoundly reduced the number of individual health insurance options in Indiana, with only two small carriers offering Marketplace plans in 2018. If you are a physician who is a member of the ISMA, you and your family have another option to consider: ISMA-sponsored health insurance through Anthem. Choose from one set of PPO plans featuring copay benefits for office visits, urgent care, emergency room, and prescription drugs. Or from another set of PPO plans without copay benefits that are compatible with a Health Savings Account (HSA), and enjoy the tax benefits of an HSA.

See our brochure for more details.

The Doctors You Want

Anthem has the largest provider network with the most highly rated health professionals in Indiana. Anthem lets you choose from an expansive network of quality doctors and hospitals that are close to wherever you live in Indiana.

Use Anthem's Find a Doctor tool for more information.

Optional Dental Plan

Indiana Physicians who purchase ISMA-sponsored Anthem health insurance are also eligible for an optional Anthem Dental Plan.

Use Anthem's Find a Doctor tool to find a dentist in the Anthem Dental network to maximize your benefits. 

Other Individual Health Insurance Options

Because ISMA-Sponsored Anthem medical plans are experience-rated, an Affordable Care Act community-rated plan may be a better fit for physicians and families who have high medical care costs.

To learn about available ACA community-rated plans, click here

Want more details? Check out Summaries of Benefits and Coverage for our Plans!

PPO 1000/2000

PPO 2000/4000

PPO 3000/6000

PPO 5000/10000

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