Led by Indiana Physicians

ISMA Insurance Agency's Board of Directors is made up of five physicians with extensive leadership experience, including Dr. William Mohr (President), Dr. Heidi Dunniway (Secretary/Treasurer), Dr. Gordon Hughes, Dr. Rhonda Sharp, and Dr. Stephen Tharp.


322 Canal Walk,

Indianapolis, IN 46202



Tel: (317) 217-1550

Fax: (317) 261-2238

Our Aim

We aim to be the insurance partner that cares more - focusing on the individual and possessing a unique understanding of physician and medical practice needs. 

ISMA Insurance Agency is a

wholly-owned subsidiary of

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Meet the Team

Tom Martens

Director of Insurance

(317) 454 7734

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Donna Mallinckrodt

Benefits Consultant - Medicare Specialist

(317) 454 7743

Jolene Collins

Insurance Coordinator - Billing Specialist

(317) 454 7733

John Enderle

Account Manager

(317) 454 7732

Tom manages the overall administration of the ISMA health insurance program, including maintenance of eligibility, premium administration and customer service. He has extensive experience with group and individual health insurance. 

Donna supports both individual and group clients with the implementation of new policies and answers questions about eligibility and benefits. She provides guidance on the transition from traditional health insurance to Medicare and Medicare Drug Plans. 

Jolene works with clients on the renewal of existing policies; answers questions about eligibility, benefits, billing and claims; and processes premium invoices and payments. 

John manages consultation and retention for participating subscribers and prospects and builds relationships with primary contacts at participating employers during the annual renewal period and throughout the year.